Thursday :: May 19, 2005

Pentagon Brass Tell The NYT That Things Aren't Going So Well In Iraq

by Steve

Yup, things are going so well in Iraq, even after Condi's visit last week and the initial spin about the success of Operation Matador Bull-Sh*t, that several high-ranking military officials in Iraq have told the New York Times confidentially that, surprise, things aren't really going well after all, and that the Iraqis can't provide their own security.

So after the initial painted-finger optimism from the January election which led some in the Pentagon to speculate that a large amount of the 138,000 troops could be pulled out in 2006, and after Condi gave a pep talk last week about the need for the new government to integrate the Sunnis more, for some reason Rummy let the generals give a reality check to the New York Times reporters this week (on background of course) which throws cold water on the idea that our forces will be able to come home anytime soon.

Is it me, or is the timing of Rummy's reality check for the NYT, a week after Condi's latest spin tour, a little intriguing? Isn't it a little more intriguing, coming just days after the White House decided to burn Mike Isikoff and Newsweak? Rummy has always preferred the NYT and Judith "I'm Chalabi's Bitch" Miller over the Washington Post, no matter how connected Bob "Big Dupe" Woodward thinks he is. But it was just yesterday and the day before that the full weight of the Rove torture chamber was unloaded upon Newsweak and indirectly the Post for using a single source that provided negative information against the administration. And now we find out that Rummy is letting several of his generals have email conversations directly with the NYT wherein they make a fool of Condi and her "we can make this work" tour, while providing negative information against the claimed success of this administration.

I'm glad to see the usual White House consistency here.

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