Thursday :: May 19, 2005

Latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll Spells Trouble For GOP Congress Next Year

by Steve

(Thanks to Snarky Shark for the tip)

As the filibuster and John Bolton battles suck the oxygen out of Washington between now and the Memorial Day recess, I would suggest that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi broaden their attacks against Bill Frist and Tom DeLay respectively beyond the arrogance of power lines of attack that are well-founded and quite legitimate. It appears that another gold mine for Democrats would be to hammer the GOP and the Bush White House for focusing too much on appeasing the American Taliban and fighting battles that mean little to everyday Americans, and for being detached from the real concerns of voters. And highlighting the hysterical and violent rhetoric from Frist and others in their subservience to the American Taliban won’t hurt either.

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that the GOP has suffered from its fixation on unpopular issues like the filibuster fight and the American Taliban agenda, and that Democrats have a huge opening to make gains next year.

The poll shows that Bush has disapproval ratings on several issues that exceed 50%, with an overall disapproval rating of 47%. But more importantly for next year’s midterms, Democrats have a 47%-40% edge over the GOP in the generic ballot question for 2006, the largest advantage for the Democrats in this poll since 1994, while respondents felt by a large margin that Congress doesn’t share their priorities. According to the poll, the largest drop-off in support for Congress has come from Republicans.

Did I mention that Republicans have controlled Congress for years?

The poll also indicated that a majority of respondents felt that Bush spends too little time on immigration (56%), gas prices (64%), education (57%), health care (75%), and jobs/the economy (65%). There's your agenda for next year Democrats.

56% also felt that the Senate should make its own decisions on Bush’s judicial nominees, rather than generally confirm his choices.

There has also been a 14-point jump since January (42% now, 28% then) in the number of respondents who feel that the economy has gotten worse in the past 12 months. And 56% continue to oppose private accounts for Social Security.

So Reid and Pelosi have an opening here to talk about issues that are natural strengths for the Democrats, and to paint the GOP and the Bush Administration as being out of touch with the real concerns of Americans and in the grip of religious extremists.

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