Thursday :: May 19, 2005

Another Poll Has Bush Down To 43%

by Steve

American Research Group’s latest poll continues a trend of recent polls that shows Bush’s approval ratings heading down to the lower forties.

May 2005
(November 2004 in parentheses)
Approve: 43% (51%)
Disapprove: 51% (43%)

Among Independents
Approve: 37%
Disapprove: 58%

Quite simply, since November 2004, Bush has lost the middle of the electorate. And when you look at the rest of the survey, it is clear that respondents have soured on Bush’s handling of the economy (57% against). Respondents are very pessimistic about the state of the economy now and their economic future.

Mandate, what mandate?

Ah, if only the election were held today... (But then they would just steal it again.)

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