Thursday :: May 19, 2005

It's Time For Liberals To Make Frist And Santorum Toxic

by Steve

We've gotten so used to the double standard, the outrage of the day, the gross hypocrisy of the GOP that it amazes me that we can still get worked up over the latest insanity from the GOP. But then we are blessed to have such an intellectual imbecile as Ricky Santorum as an opponent, aren't we?

Remember back last year when the GOP went ape-shit because sponsored a contest wherein several of the contestants drew a comparison between Bush and Hitler, and then seeing the sh*tstorm from the corporate media and the Mighty Wurlitzer rain down upon MoveOn? Remember less than three months ago when Little Ricky demanded that Robert Byrd immediately retract a remark Byrd made about Hitler because bringing Hitler into the debate "lessen(ed) the credibility of the senator (Byrd) and the decorum of the Senate".

It should then come as no surprise that today Little Ricky compared Senate Democrats trying to protect the filibuster to Adolph Hitler. And you can wait until hell freezes over for a GOP senator to demand that Little Ricky retract his words because they affect the decorum of the Senate, something that damn near every GOP senator of late has wiped his ass upon. I mean, if Bill Frist thinks its OK for Dick Cheney to tell Pat Leahy to f*ck himself, what the hell does decorum mean to any Republican?

Again, as a result of outrage fatigue it is easy to overlook a comment and gross hypocrisy like this, just as much as it may be easy to look beyond the Senate Majority Leader saying yesterday that Senate Democrats were out to "assassinate" the president's judicial nominees. But that doesn't mean that the center-left blogosphere can't paper their local newspaper with outraged letters to the editor, send outraged faxes to Santorum's offices and Pennsylvania papers, and build a drumbeat into the national media. In fact, a good old liberal lynching of Frist and Santorum is just what this country needs right about now, if you ask me.

As I indicated in an earlier post today, polls show that voters are fed up with the GOP Congress and its agenda. Now would be a good time to educate voters about the inmates who are running the asylum.

Update: Little Ricky says he meant no offense.

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