Friday :: May 20, 2005

Let's be clear

by eriposte

I think it's time to make something clear. The word theocracy is defined as:

A government ruled by or subject to religious authority...
the belief in government by divine guidance...

I see a lot of Progressives use the word "theocracy" to describe what will happen if we give in to the American Taliban running the Senate and the House. Maybe this resonates with people better than any other term, but I'd like to just point out that it's strictly not a theocracy.

People like Frist, Dobson, et al. are deeply immoral, deeply corrupt and lie freely without remorse. So, they don't speak for God and their claim of faith in God is a complete sham. Likewise, they don't speak for their religion (Christianity) either and the only reason they continue to get away with their claim to be "devout" or "religious" is because you have a media that is either pissing-in-their-pants afraid of these guys or downright corrupt and happy to encourage these people.

Let me say that again, dear media. As much as I have tried to defend your behaviors in certain cases, this is a time where you have to decide whose side you are on. You are either on the side of human rights and democracy or you are on the side of totalitarianism, corruption, fraud and criminality. Your behavior in this coming week and beyond will make it very clear what your character is and whether or not you are interested in protecting the United States of America from a takeover by totalitarians.

There is no gray scale here. This is not an issue of "fair and balanced". This is not about the fake arguments about "interest groups" that the lazy or corrupt among you love to make. You are either on the side of what is right or on the side of what is wrong. You can take your pick, but just remember that history is being recorded.

And, by the way, you don't have to lie to take the right side in this debate. Simply pointing out ALL the facts will suffice.

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