Friday :: May 20, 2005

Meet George W. Bush: Failed Fuller Brush Salesman

by Steve

(With my apologies to the fine folks at Fuller Brush...)

This is what it's like right before people begin laughing you off the stage and no longer listening to you: the media makes you out to be a Fuller Brush salesman, going from door to door hawking products that only the true dupes want.

You can feel the snark dripping from this story:

The obligatory campaign-style signs were hung behind the stage, the familiar hand-selected "conversation participants" seated next to him. The friendly, invitation-only audience cheered with appropriate enthusiasm. And when President Bush took the microphone, he spun out more or less the same speech he has given dozens of times before.
On the 78th day of a 60-day roadshow, the president's nationwide Social Security tour, even to some of his own aides, has the feel of a past-its-prime Broadway production that has been held over while other, newer shows steal the spotlight.
(T)he half-empty press charter and filing center Thursday spoke to the dwindling news media interest. None of the networks sent its regular White House correspondent. USA Today, the Washington Times and other papers that usually cover presidential trips saw no reason to cover this one. Even some White House aides weary of the barnstorming privately roll their eyes and groan at the notion of yet another Social Security trip.
Bush, himself, seemed to recognize that this was not going to lead the nightly news. "Look at it this way," he told the local crowd proud of its museum. "It's a chance to show it off for the world -- to the extent the world is watching C-SPAN."

That bit of self-deprecation is illustrative of the lame-duck, dark tunnel status of Bush's second term. As he willingly allows his remaining time at the helm to be wasted on pleasing the American Taliban with politically-fatal vetoes of a stem cell bill and the futile pursuit of the right wing wet dream of Social Security destruction, his chance to solve any major problem while he was in charge for eight years evaporates. And as a result, he cements his status as one of the great presidential failures in US history.

It explains why the American Taliban are frantic to get the wingnut judges installed before all of the air goes out of the balloon. There is no more political capital left at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, especially when the GOP Senate passes a highway bill in the face of a promised presidential veto, calling Bush's bluff to veto it. Sure, they'll make a stab at eliminating the filibuster today or Monday, as perhaps their last sop to the White House and the American Taliban.

But the more moderate members of the GOP Senate know that the man is a lame duck much earlier than folks ever thought possible. After the nuclear option is implemented, Harry Reid will force votes on everything, especially Democratic-friendly items. At that point, Corporate America will start seeing with their own eyes that the nuclear option just derailed the rest of their agenda.

Sure, the right wing will still have the rigged elections machinery and corporate media to peddle the lies. But while Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi fight the battles on the Hill, and while Howard Dean reconnects the party to all fifty states, the role that the blogosphere and everyday progressives can play will be to focus our fire and pressure on the elections machinery and officials who are stealing our elections, and to ride herd on the media relentlessly for their GOP bias, double-standards, and laziness.

And if you want to give GOP senators and representatives heartburn over the next week while Frist, Cornyn, and the American Taliban press for the elimination of the filibuster, send a fax or email to the GOP Senators telling them how much you'll be looking forward to Hillary Clinton stacking the courts in 2009, with the GOP being unable to mount any filibuster against them.

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