Sunday :: May 22, 2005

The Patented Brooks Confidence Scheme, Part Deux

by rayman

Bobo Brooks, in today's NY Times, writes one of his typical pox-on-both-your-houses (but especially on the Democrats) columns which is the intellectual equivalent of taking an under-the-counter sedative. But not surprisingly, Brooks manages to squeeze in a confidence scheme aside into his soporific screed:

The minority leader, Harry Reid, told a small group of us Friday he was cautiously optimistic that he had the votes to defeat the nuclear option, but I think he's wrong. John McCain, Lincoln Chafee, John Warner and maybe Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe will vote against the nuclear option, but none of the other Republicans are likely to. Bill Frist has the votes.

Hmmm...where have I read this gambit before? Ah, that's right, just ten days ago, Bobo proclaimed "A Turning Tide For Bolton." Of course, later that day George Voinovich lit into Bolton so that Dick Lugar had to send Bolton's nomination to the Senate with an embarrassing "no recommendation." That's probably not the "turning tide" Bobo had in mind.

Steve Clemons astutely pointed out last week that the White House's psy-ops campaign (cheerily abetted by partisan lackeys like Brooks) in the corporate media with regards to the Bolton nomination is becoming increasingly transparent and unconvincing. Should we expect anything different over the nukular showdown?

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