Sunday :: May 22, 2005

Going Down With America

by pessimist

Over the last few weeks, the US Navy has been 'experimenting' with weapons and tactics by 'attacking' and sinking the USS America off the coast of North Carolina.

While the namesake of the nation was sacrificed to studies designed toward 'improving survivability' of aircraft carriers from conventional attack, another America - the nation itself - is also under attack by 'friendly fire': four Democrat Senators are leaning in support for the nomination of John Bolton.

Truth really is stranger than fiction! I couldn't make this up!

We here on The Left Coaster have been harsh with our calumny laid upon the all-too-loyal 'opposition' party for such anti-American actions as votes allowing passage of the recent GOP-favored bankruptcy and estate tax bills. But that wasn't the end of the betrayals to the common people of the United States - not by a long shot.

Thanks to the timely and cagey Senator Barbara Boxer, the nomination vote on John Bolton was put on hold, and we here expected that certain Republican moderates (Snowe, Collins, Chafee, Spector, and Voinovich) could be convinced in the ensuing time-out to vote against him. (Voinovich is on record as stating he will vote against.)

But instead, it's beginning to look like the Lap DINOs were the ones convinced - to support Bolton's nomination.

Four Democrats in the U.S. Senate could be prepared to support Undersecretary of State John Bolton’s appointment as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Bloomberg News reported today.

The undecided Democrats are Mary Landrieu (La.), Joe Lieberman (Conn.), Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Mark Pryor (Ark.).

Calling Harry Reid!

I find it interesting that these Senators are all from the South - including Gutless Joe from North Texas, formerly known as Connecticut.

Is there something in the water? Or is it that the rumors of genetic damage due to inbreeding are finally being shown to apply to elected officials?

One has to wonder based on comments like these:

“Senator Lieberman remains undecided about Mr. Bolton’s nomination,” said spokesman Matt Gobush. “As a general rule, he believes the president should have the latitude to choose his own Cabinet, except in the most extraordinary cases. The senator is studying the issues raised by the [Foreign Relations Committee] to determine whether this is one of those cases.”

If John Bolton hasn't been shown by now to be an 'extraordinary case', then I can't come up with a case that would meet GOP Joe's standard!

Nelson has not decided on Bolton, but is “leaning in favor of the nomination,” spokesman David DiMartino told Bloomberg.

That's as good as an 'Aye', Nelson!

Spokesmen for Pryor and Landrieu said the senators had not decided.

But their records scream their intentions!

For once, though, I'm glad to point out that there is a sign - a slim one - of hope:

Bolton UN Nomination May Become Entangled in Filibuster Battle

If Republicans change the rules on confirming judges, "the Bolton nomination will get caught up in the muck of the filibuster-judges battle and will sit," said Steven Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a Washington public policy institute founded in 1999.

Clemons, who has written articles against the Bolton nomination, said the longer it sits, the better chance Democrats have of winning senators to their side.

"There are too many senators who want to be with Voinovich," he said. "Time kills the White House's plan."

But Harry Reid and the Democratic leaders have their work cut out for them. The 'moderates' are not indicating a favorable vote against Bolton:

Democratic opponents of Bolton hoped to persuade Republicans such as Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to join Voinovich in opposition to Bolton. Snowe "hasn't expressed any reservations or said she would vote no" on Bolton, spokesman Preston Hartman said. "She has said nothing bad about John Bolton."

Collins plans to vote in favor of Bolton, spokeswoman Elissa Davison said.

Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska plans to support Bolton on the floor, spokesman Mike Buttry said.

So does Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, according to spokesman Steve Hourahan.

It makes one wonder just who all these senators 'who want to be with Voinovich' are, doesn't it?

We know who they aren't.

Someone haul down the ensign before it goes under.

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