Monday :: May 23, 2005

Moderates Hammer Out Deal To Avert Nuclear Option - As Bush's Gallup Numbers Fall Again

by Steve

Details are just now emerging, but the AP is reporting that the moderate group of senators has reached an agreement to avert the nuclear option tomorrow. Details will be forthcoming later today as I or one of the other editors get them. Again, the key will be to see if the right to filibuster a Supreme Court pick remains intact, and if such a right has the support of the moderates. If so, then all parties come out fine here, except Mullah Frist, although he'll still claim a victory in that Bush's nominees will get their up-or-down votes. It appears at this point that Bush's nominees will get their up-or-down votes, and Democrats will reserve the right to filibuster judicial nominees in "extraordinary circumstances", which is yet to be defined, without the GOP trying to eliminate the filibuster.

This was announced at the same time that the latest CNN/USAT/Gallup poll came out showing that Bush had dropped back to a 46% approve/50% disapprove rating, from his 50% approve, 45% disapprove from just last week. The poll also showed that the public sides with the Democrats more than the GOP in the filibuster matter. I'll have more details on the poll as well later or tomorrow.

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