Monday :: May 23, 2005

Perspective, People

by rayman

The emerging view among some liberal bloggers (including Kos, The Carpetbagger Report and Crooks and Liars) is that this last-minute compromise makes Frist look like a chump, perhaps mortally wounding his chances in 2008. Also, C&L points out the Freepers and various other right-wing bloggers are already apoplectic at this supposed "capitulation" by Senate Republicans. While it's entertaining to watch the caterwauling from the wingnuts who were baying for blood, let's keep things in perspective: under the compromise agreement, Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen--the worst of an already odious lot--are well on their way to receiving lifetime appointments on the federal bench. No matter how you slice it, this prospect is disheartening, to say the least. This may be a tactical victory for Harry Reid, and there's certainly the lingering question of whether he would have had the 51 votes needed to defuse the nuclear option. But from a long-term perspective, this agreement is nothing to be smiling about.

Of course, differing opinions are welcome at this early juncture.

UPDATE: TalkLeft and Jeffrey Dubner at TAPPED are not happy, either.

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