Tuesday :: May 24, 2005

Let's Make a Deal

by dj moonbat

Yesterday's compromise hurt. It hurt a lot. We just have to accept that we didn't have the votes for an outcome that would have meant a complete repudiation of this "nuclear" option.

But look at this, from The Political Animal:

Lindsey Graham claims that of the three who will get votes (Brown, Owen, and Pryor), one will end up getting defeated on a bipartisan basis. A secret codicil? Hmmm.....

It's hard to know who's the worst sometimes, but it's probably Brown. If, in fact, there was a sub rosa deal that we gave Brown an up/down vote in exchange for assurances that Brown would lose that vote--and if, in fact, the GOP senators stand by their word (a big if, I'll grant, but many of them may dislike Brown as well)--then the deal starts making a whole lot more sense.

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