Tuesday :: May 24, 2005

Administration Lies About Tillman, Sells Rupert Murdoch Pixs Of Saddam, But Blasts Newsweek

by Steve

Tell me again why it is OK for the Bush Administration to lie to Pat Tillman’s family about the cause of his death and see the military brass cover it up for months, but it isn’t OK for Newsweek to get burned by a "senior Department of Defense official"? And why doesn’t Newsweek “out” the discredited source in response, as David Gergen suggests?

Tell me why again it is OK for the Administration to blast Newsweek for allegedly inciting insurgents against us, while at the same time the same Administration sold pictures of Saddam in his underwear to Rupert Murdoch in the hope that it would affect insurgents?

And not only was Scott McClellan full of sh*t about his calls for Newsweek to educate the Islamic world about how caring our military is, he now is waffling in the face of media scrutiny and said “never mind” about his charges that Newsweek was the cause of the Afghan riots.

Shouldn’t this be grounds for McClellan’s resignation?

Paging Keith Olberman....

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