Tuesday :: May 24, 2005

Los Zeros de Bu$hCo

by pessimist

It was bound to happen.

Over in Iraq, there are past reports of Iraqis signing up for training and equipment, then deserting to the anti-Occupation at the first opportunity. I guess that a certain number of Iraqis are going to do this, maybe as their way of 'getting theirs' in retaliation for the illegal invasion of their country.

But did you know that Iraqis aren't the only ones abandoning their allegiance to the US military?

Violence In Mexico Prompts Warnings To U.S. Travelers
According to Justice Department, U.S.-Trained Mexican Commados Have Sided With Drug Cartels

A memo from the U.S. Justice Department says Mexican commandos, trained by the U.S. military to help fight the drug cartels have switched sides -- and are now working for the cartels. They're known as Los Zetas.
One group was trained by the U.S Army at Fort Benning, Georgia.

And Bu$hCo just shut down the 'War on Drugs' in Colombia!

Officials say the commandos are extremely violent and are blamed for a recent outbreak of violence along the Mexican border. Saturday's ambush attack in broad daylight that left Rosarito's police chief Carlos Bowser-Miret dead has prompted U.S. officials to warn travelers to Mexico to be on alert. Several other assassinations have taken place in Mexico this year. At least three people, including a federal police officer, were killed in a separate shooting on Saturday in Reynosa, across the Texas-Mexico border.

Bowser-Miret was gunned down Saturday morning when his unmarked police vehicle was leaving his home. According to Mexican authorities, two heavily armed gunmen opened fire spraying Bowser-Miret's car with more than 100 bullets. Immediately following the shooting officers did a sweep of the area. Six suspects were taken into custody and three cars were confiscated, police said. Police found rifles, pistols and masks inside the vehicles. Investigators said ballistic tests would be performed to see if the weapons matched those used in the killing.

Red Staters' Beautiful Minds At Work

Experts say brutal attacks like the one Saturday are no laughing matter. They say people traveling to Mexico should be on the alert.

Rosarito is 12 miles south of the U.S. border. Despite recent violence south of the border, many of the people NBC 7/39 [San Diego] talked to Sunday say they aren't concerned about their safety. One-by-one, tourists lined up to cross the border many of them from around the globe. "We are from Germany, and we visited the United States and wanted to go to Mexico to by some cigarettes and (be able to say) we have been to Mexico," Ingolf, from Germany said.

"I went twice. I went over to the clubs so it wasn't a problem. They had a lot of police out so I feel safe," Natalie Kelly said.

"I live in L.A. so I drive through downtown every day," Susy Custer said laughing. "I'm not really scared of that kind of thing anymore."

Let's hope that you don't share the fate of your namesake, Susy Custer!

If there's one thing to learn from this, it's that Bu$hCo is grossly incompetent in determining who their allies are. It's clear that they are being played for the fools that they are. After all - what sense does it make to be arming and training those who are out to kill you? And will?

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