Saturday :: May 28, 2005

Condi Plays The Race Card In Trashing Founding Fathers To Prop Up Iraqis

by Steve

(Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle)

Nice. Condi herself is playing the race card, saying that the Iraqis struggling for freedom are better people than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin.

Whatever mistakes the Iraqis may have made in their struggle toward freedom, "They haven't made a compromise as bad as the one in 1789 that made my ancestors three-fifths of a man,'' said Rice, a black woman, in reference to the U.S. Constitution's original compromise on slavery.

No Condi, they've only stood by and allowed their countrymen to be slaughtered by an occupying power so that oil companies can line their pockets.

And of course the white Commonwealth Club corporatist types yesterday lapped up every word from Condi's lips, panting their support for her running for office some day.

I guess it is OK when black Republicans trash our founding fathers to make Iyad Allawi and Ahmed Chalabi look good. But I donít remember Washington, Jefferson, Adams, or any of the rest executing prisoners, authorizing the destruction of Philadelphia by an occupying power (like Allawi did in Fallujah and elsewhere), and setting up the country for their own personal enrichment either (like Chalabi has done since Day One).

But letís face it. If a John Conyers or better yet, a Jesse Jackson had made the same comparison between our founding fathers and say Nelson Mandela, Fox News and the Bill OíReillyís of the Mighty Wurlitzer would be going batshit crazy now. Why is it a cause for outrage from the media jackals on the right whenever a Democrat talks about this country's deplorable history and treatment towards African Americans, especially whenever reparations are brought up, but it is OK for Condi to denigrate the founding fathers to make our Iraqi toadies look good?

When exactly did it become acceptable in this country for the GOP to find George Washington and James Madison less worthy of esteem than Iyad Allawi and Ahmed Chalabi?

Why does Condi hate America so?

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