Tuesday :: May 31, 2005

The French Rejection

by pessimist

Washington is a very dangerous place to be tonight.

Champagne corks are flying about like bullets in a Baghdad neighborhood being patrolled by infidels in unarmored Humvees, launched by celebratory neo-cons enjoying their most recent victory over those who oppose American neocon world domination.

If these neocons were honorable men and women (our response is obvious!), they would be toasting their symbol of 'Old Europe', the French, for toppling the only currently-viable opposition to American corporatism - the EU. By rejecting the EU Constitution, the French have opened the door of opportunity for American companies to wreak havoc upon their European rivals.

The big loser - at least in the short-term - is the European economic community, whose quest for easier international economic rules led to the concept of the EU in the first place. The big winners are the right-wing nationalists like Jean-Marie le Pen.

Caught in the middle of the muddle are the working people of Europe, who had no good choices and chose to hide mindlessly behind traditionalism. The European worker has everything to lose and nothing to gain no matter which way the EU vote went. If it had proven successful, European corporate interests would have emulated the American corporate interests and 'Walmart-ized' Europe by flooding the workplace with cheap-labor immigrants and pitting distressed communities against each other for favorable employment concessions. If it had failed, American corporate interests would be doing the 'Walmart-izing'.

It's a good thing that many Europeans already speak English.

As my son Bookseller says, this is turning a page into a new chapter of international disruption.

By rejecting the unification of Europe, there will be no unified structure to prevent American interference in their internal affairs. It will be just like the Belarus election, in which American political assets massaged the election so that a pro-Western candidate won. Italy and Britain have had such pro-Western leaders for years now, and France will see le Pen rise and become very friendly toward Bu$hCo, with the Dutch soon to follow suit. Gerhard Schroeder will certainly lose his bid for re-election to Angela Merkel, who will do to Germany what Maggie Thatcher did to Great Britain, triggering an increase in neo-Nazi activity. Poland will only become more attached to America, and the balance of power will be held off-continent.

The implications of this situation is fraught with peril for world peace.

Turkey, the specific boogie-man of the EU rejection due to the large numbers of low-wage Muslim Turks seen as taking jobs away from high-wage Christian Europeans, will be pushed into the fundamentalist Muslim camp, possibly allowng the radical Islamists to rise to power. Should that happen, the US position in Central Asia is imperiled, and control over Iraq loosened.

Vladimir Putin, whose repeated attempts to become a part of the European economic community were short-sightedly rejected, will now have every incentive to bond more tightly to the Chinese, who have also been feeling the EU lash of late. American activity around Russian borders, especially in Oilstan, has to be making him very nervous. He will be thinking more favorably toward the East and turn away from the West.

China has been making many deals with Russia for energy and industrial products, and with the looming breakup of the EU and the destruction of the Euro as the currency of choice over the dollar, they will be feeling the increased pressure from Bu$hCo to submit to the will of Owwer Leedur and the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Po$$e. They will be seeking to combine the huge Chinese Army with Russian air power. This will be possible because the American Air Force can no longer assure dominating the skies, as the Russian Su-30MK Beats F-15C 'Every Time' according to Aviation Week and Space Technology.

The Chinese will also be seeking to place themselves underneath the Russian thermonuclear umbrella, and might quietly propose to the US to return to the tenuous and ephemeral 'safety' of MAD rather than allow nuclear war to break out.

In addition, Chinese diplomatic initiatives around the world take on greater significance. Every country the US has harshly stepped on will lean favorably toward Chinese alliance, if only to 'get one back' for slights real or imagined at the hands of the US.

This puts the Indians in particular in an advantageous position, as they will be courted by both sides in an effort to gain dominance over Central Asian energy resources. India will be using this advantage to pressure the US into sending more American jobs to India and will be pressuring China to increase their economic investment (paid for with the massive fund of dollars gained from a very favorable trade imbalance with the US) in Indian infrastructure and economic development.

Minor sidebar: Chinese hardware and Indian software could make people forget who Bill Gates is.

But I digress.

The biggest individual loser due to the French Rejection is Tony Blair. He had been hoping to take up the EU presidency, but now it looks as if that dream just might be fading.

With the fragmentation of the EU and the resulting rise in conflict between Bu$hCo and the world, military expenditures everywhere will only increase - to the continued detriment of the working class and economic security the world over.

But then, since wars require soldiers, these workers will be taken in to serve that purpose and will not have to worry about being unemployed. They will be too busy trying to stay alive. (I just hope they will have time to reflect upon the fact that they had the chance to do something about it and failed to rise to the challenge.) In a worst-case scenario, this could bring about the evolution (intelligent design?) of Europe into a continent in which every European nation is dominated by fascism just like it was in 1942.

If that happens, was World War II pointless like Pat Buchanan implies? I wonder what we would tell the ghosts of those thousands of dead American buried in European soil - they died for nothing?

It's beginning to look that way.

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