Tuesday :: May 31, 2005

Counterfeit Coinage

by larre

Damn! That liberally-biased media are at it again. This time, they're deliberately trying to tarnish the bright, shiny luster of a previously unmarked, high grade G.O.P. fund-raiser, Tom Noe.

As Ohio Republican Governor Bob Taft said just a month ago, "He’s making money for the state. What’s the problem?"

Noe, who was appointed by Governor Taft to the Ohio Board of Regents and the Turnlike Commision, is no wooden nickel. He's been as good as gold for the conservative Republicans in Ohio... and Our Friend in the White House, too. In fact, as Democratic Underground reminds us, Mr. Noe even intervened in the 2004 Ohio election fraud to get the case dismissed.

So, why does the Toledo Blade hate America so much they would drop a dime on this penny-ante scandal? The Blade has been pushing this story for months. Every other respectable news organization ignored it until the last few days. As the Blade admits --

[I]t is impossible to comment on all of this without noting that The Blade, which first broke this story in early April, was sharply criticized by Mr. Taft, Director Conrad, many Republicans, and some of our readers for our persistence in pursuing it.

The term "witch hunt" was tossed about freely.

Witchunt, indeed. All Mr. Noe did was take $50 million or more in state worker compensation funds and convert it into allegedly rare coins, and then misplace a couple of them about the time he "wrote off
$850,000 in bad debt to cover a failed business relationship."

Might have happened to anyone. Flip of the coin, right?

Isn't it an obvious liberal bias that makes the Blade draw and quarter every Ohio politician just for taking back from Noe a little of that hard-earned money that they doubtless paid in state taxes over the years?

Where's the coinage in these run-of-the-mine non-news happenings? I mean, so what if $10 to $12 million is missing from the state's "rare coin" fund? President Bush can lose more than that before breakfast in Baghdad and he gets a free ride from the media.

So what if five state Republican Supreme Court justices out of a total court of seven have to pass the buck in a case against Noe because they have taken money from him?

So what if current Ohio governer Bob Taft lived down to his name by admitting he'd visited Noe at the very coin shop where he was probably secreting the missing millions?

So what if the state has to sue to even see if Noe still has any state coins left?

So what if every known G.O.P. candidate to succeed Taft as governor next year was on Noe's payroll contribution list, including Secretary of State J. Kenneth ("I don't have enough voting machines for you Democrats") Blackwell?

So what if Noe seems to have lost another 121 coins, valued at about $400,000? He's no fool. He's a self-reliant Republican entrepreneur, smart enough to diversify the state's investments:

In addition to investing in rare coins and real estate, prominent Toledo area Republican Tom Noe used state money to invest in autographs, paintings, and other collectibles... .
Well, hey! It isn't like he was trading them on Ebay.

Was he?

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