Wednesday :: Jun 1, 2005

Are you feeling "healthy?"

by eriposte

Dear Matt,

I notice that you have become the latest "progressive" (a Fellow at the Center for American Progress, to boot) to peddle misleading or fake GOP talking points to bash Democrats on the pages of the New York Times.

May I suggest you spend a little bit of time reading Ezra Klein or Angry Bear (for example)? Or maybe even have a chat with Paul Krugman?

Also, just a quick reminder.

It is one thing to attempt to sound centrist for the sake of sounding centrist. In my view, the majority of so-called centrists in this country - especially those who love to appear on TV or radio - seem to fall in this category. These people are faux centrists.

It is another thing altogether to base one's "centrism" on facts. There's a small minority that probably falls in this category.

Centrism and facts should not be mutually exclusive. Ostensible progressives, in particular, should try harder to understand this.

Best regards,

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