Wednesday :: Jun 1, 2005

Ben Stein Gone Bananas

by rayman

In the 24 hours since hearing the news that Mark Felt has finally 'fessed up to being Deep Throat, we've been subjected to a litany of reactions from the various Watergate players (the NY Times provided a handy roundup today). But nothing even comes close to what Ben Stein, the erstwhile Nixon speechwriter and current game-show bloopers avatar (with Game Show Moments Gone Bananas on VH1), has to say:

When his enemies brought him down, and they had been laying for him since he proved that Alger Hiss was a traitor, since Alger Hiss was their fair-haired boy, this is what they bought for themselves in the Kharma Supermarket that is life:

1.) The defeat of the South Vietnamese government with decades of death and hardship for the people of Vietnam.

2.) The assumption of power in Cambodia by the bloodiest government of all time, the Khmer Rouge, who killed a third of their own people, often by making children beat their own parents to death. No one doubts RN would never have let this happen.

So, this is the great boast of the enemies of Richard Nixon, including Mark Felt: they made the conditions necessary for the Cambodian genocide. If there is such a thing as kharma, if there is such a thing as justice in this life of the next, Mark Felt has bought himself the worst future of any man on this earth. And Bob Woodward is right behind him, with Ben Bradlee bringing up the rear. Out of their smug arrogance and contempt, they hatched the worst nightmare imaginable: genocide. I hope they are happy now -- because their future looks pretty bleak to me.

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