Saturday :: Jun 4, 2005

Cuttin' The Cake

by pessimist

Even the Ol' pessimist needs to unwind once in a while. After a day blogging the latest Bu$hCo news, at the end of a week blogging the latest Bu$hCo news, and having to do double duty by working for a living on top of it all (unlike too many of our wrong-wing counterparts - and I don't count our Wrong-Wing Wregulars in that category), the Ol' pessimist ocassionally needs to set down the cares of the world and have some fun.

I managed to impose upon Hercules to shoulder those worldly burdens for me while I took Mrs. pessimist out to see what was going on in the world. The Fates must have been very kind last night, for we got to go see a great show for the outrageous sum of ...




Back before dinosaurs began walking the Earth in 1980, the Ol' pessimist was working as a professional musician, and some of the music that I performed then I got to hear again at the Beaumont [CA] Cherry Festival last night - live, on stage, and much better than any band I was in could ever play - by The Average White Band.

A little older, and not quite so shaggy as their early days, it was good to hear founders Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre playing all the AWB hits, some in updated and jazzy arrangements. Alan drives the band from below while Onnie makes it look effortless as he wrings a lot of sound out of his Strat. The jazz was supplied by musical monsters Fred Vigdor, Klyde Jones, while Brian Dunne laid down that famously-intricate AWB funk rhythm.

You just have to hear Klyde Jones do their jazz-funk version of Burt Bacharach's Walk On By, and Fred Vigdor just melts his Yamaha alto sax while burning down the house doing O! Maceo!. Those two pieces alone are worth the price of admission!

We all need to put down the Bu$hCo burden every once in a while to recharge and refit. I strongly recommend that you go see these guys if get a chance. To help with that decision, this is their latest tour date list. If not, they have a new CD, Greatest and Latest out on Liquid 8 Records (with bonus DVD).

As a former pro myself, it's good to see that someone is still out there to 'Pick Up The Pieces'! I'm pleased to be able to assist - gratis! - their tour with this personal review.

And now, Once more into the breech, dear friends, once more...

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