Saturday :: Jun 4, 2005

With "liberals" like these...

by eriposte

...why do we even need conservatives?

Via Bob Somerby, I just read this appalling piece by Farhad Manjoo of on the Okrent-Krugman episode.

Shorter Farhad Manjoo:

1. Okrent should have known some of the responses to his criticisms would be false.
2. Krugman got his facts right and Okrent got his facts wrong.
3. Krugman may have won on the facts but Okrent really won on "style" and "panache" and has a "a gift for the lethal personal attack, and he wields it handily".

Does Manjoo really like "lethal personal attacks" that are baseless? If so, he certainly earned himself a future job at the Times - for I can't think of any other reasons for putting such abject poppycock to "print".

Shame on Mr. Mr. Manjoo.

[UPDATE: A commenter says I got Manjoo's gender wrong...if so, I apologize. I have spent quite a bit of time on Google to confirm this and I've been unsuccessful so far. Anyway, this kinda reminds me of the time someone thought I was a woman (during the time I had long hair).] (See comments)

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