Sunday :: Jun 5, 2005

More on Coingate

by eriposte

John at Americablog points to FOUR important stories from the Toledo Blade in their outstanding investigative reporting on the Coingate scandal.

Looks like he missed NUMBER 5. The stink in the air is the stench of GOP corruption.

Attorney General Jim Petro acknowledged yesterday that Bernadette Noe, a lawyer and wife of embattled coin dealer Tom Noe, "may have" successfully lobbied his office to direct thousands of dollars in contracts to her law firm to collect debt on behalf of the state.

"Tom never brought it up. I don't doubt that Bernadette may have," Mr. Petro said.

Democrats have charged that Republican officials whose campaigns Mr. Noe has financially supported have done favors for the Toledo-area coin dealer in exchange.

The Noes have given more than $200,000 in contributions to politicians, political parties, and political action committees over the past 15 years - including $6,000 to Mr. Petro's campaigns returned this week amid the growing scandal.

The prime example of influence-peddling, critics say, were contracts given to Mr. Noe by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation to invest $50 million of state money in rare coins. His lawyers have told Ohio authorities that up to $12 million of the state's assets are missing.

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