Monday :: Jun 6, 2005

Rolling Another One

by pessimist

The Supreme Court decision on marijuana has inspired a lot of discussion, but the most interesting take on the omens of this decision come from SoCalPundit's Supreme Courtís Medical Marijuana Ruling Is A Lose/Lose Proposition:

The decriminalization of marijuana (with medical marijuana being a means to that end) is a mostly liberal idea. Most conservatives view marijuana as like any other illegal drug. So todayís ruling should be a real win for conservative activists right?


The People of the State of California voted in favor of allowing medical marijuana. Because the judges ruled that the voters can not decide such things, it is very possible other ballot measures voted into law will now be reexamined by those that disagree with the outcome.

Conservatives win because the drug remains illegal but lose because this weakens the position of any law voted into existence by the people. By the same token, liberals lose because their cause dejour went down in flames but win because there is a whole myriad of propositions voted into law that they would like to get rid of.

I'm not sure I agree, but I do feel that such rational and thought-out comments are worthy of discussion.

In the first place, should such judicial activism inspire a system ruled by He-Who-Shouts-The-Loudest, there is only one possible outcome - chaos. In some ways, considering the recent actions by Republicans all over the map, we aren't far from that now.

Let's take the Washington State Supreme Court decision ending the Republican challenge to the Democratic victory. Despite the precedent established in the US Supreme Court decision that the 2000 Election was a Bu$h victory despite all of the evidence of vote tampering to the contrary, the Republican challenge to the Washington State gubernatorial election went on for months longer than did the challenge by the Gore campaign.

Imagine what the nation would have been like should Gore not dropped his case. As the Executive Branch would have remained in dispute, who would have been in charge? Who knows! And when 9/11 happened, what would the leaderless nation have done then?

There comes a time when one must accept the decision whether one likes it or not, as Gore did, and not play the bad loser just because one doesn't. It isn't just Dino Rossi in Washington State. It's George Bush and his court nominees. It's George Bush and John Bolton. It's George Bush and Iraqgate. It's George Bush and Valerie Plame.

It isn't just the pResident. It's Ken Blackwell and the rigged vote in Ohio. It's THE Donald Rumsfeld and the Iraqi Oil Theft. It's Arnold and the California public employee pensions, and so many more topics from across the land.

Look at the polls. The people don't want what the GOP is selling, and yet that very opposition isn't read as the warning that the nation is off-course. It's instead taken as proof that the GOP is doing the right thing and that more will be better.

I could go on, but I think that I've said enough. It's your turn now.

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