Monday :: Jun 6, 2005

The Multi Coaster (Roundup)

by eriposte

Inspired by the fine ladies (wo?)manning the pages at The Sideshow and Pacific Views, here's my very first attempt at a blog roundup. (Bold text is all my emphasis...)

1. David Neiwert has the latest on hate crimes: white-supremacist hatred in Santa Clara, CA.

2. Kash at Angry Bear has an interest post looking at different measures of earnings to answer the question : "Are Earnings Rising or Stagnant?" I learnt something new from his post.

3. Laura Rozen at War and Piece brings to our attention a Washington Monthly article (and a related Los Angeles Times piece) on the: and death of Dale Stoffel, an American arms contractor killed in Iraq last year after blowing the whistle on massive kick backs and corruption schemes he'd witnessed

4. The Big Picture lists "Templeton's 22 Principles For Successful Investing". Interesting list, but I would be particularly cautious about #5 on the list.

Let me add my own item to the list. Just buy the book at the top of this page. (I'll talk more about the book and the group behind it sometime later - but as always my recommendation carries with it absolutely NO guarantees of any kind :-)).

5. One of the web's cool biology professors (P. Z. Myers) has a link to a recent cartoon that ably, er, 'disassembles' the Bush-Republican "pre-conceptual" science. You are hereby ordered to click here to enjoy it.

6. Is That Legal points to a post by Sally at Greenespace about the ACLU taking on North Carolina's anti-cohabitation law(!) after a woman was told by her employer that "if she didn't go looking elsewhere she ought to get married or move out of her boyfriend's house."

7. Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy (via says:

...Every missing persons report is potentially newsworthy. Still, a person who followed the MSM uncritically might think that the only missing people in America are young attractive white women.

Although that's not news to me (pun unintended) Orin, thanks for bringing it up. :-)

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