Monday :: Jun 6, 2005

BREAKING! CNN to start covering NEWS!

by eriposte

Extremely stunning, shocking, just unbelievable development. Should warn the kids.

Note to Self: Breathe deeply, prepare for a Michael Jackson wardrobe malfunction, perhaps even a sighting of Elvis (which can then be reported promptly to CNN for them to cover 24/7 so that they don't get carried away with quaint things like "news")


Now that I've recovered from my disorientation at this development, I'll let readers be the judge of this one.

CJR Daily seems to believe that CNN has started covering some actual international news:

CNN Stuns U.S. with Actual News

...the CNN of 2005 to date was lucky to feature two hours of foreign news in a week.

At least until today, when that all changed.

Today the network began simulcasting on its US network its meaty news program "Your World Today" that airs regularly on CNN International.

...It speaks to the state of cable news that we sat in shock and awe for the better part of an hour, as anchors Zain Verjee and Jim Clancy did nothing more than deliver the news like it's supposed to be done.

The newscast kicked off with an in-depth report on the latest developments in Sudan...

Throughout Robertson's report CNNI ran stock footage of burned villages, famished refugees and sick children to emphasize the severity of the crisis.
...But while the anchors might have gotten that detail wrong, their knowledge of the subjects they were reporting showed repeatedly in their pointed questions to guests and to CNN correspondents. And there was news. The 13 minutes that "Your World Today" dedicated to Sudan may well have exceeded the amount of time CNN has devoted to that subject all year long.

We applaud all this, and have only one question for Jonathan Klein, the mastermind behind it: Why has it taken this long?...

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