Monday :: Jun 6, 2005

What time is it?

by Duckman GR

I see arnold is in the news today. Via DKos and the Toledo Blade it appears that arnold "I don't lick the feet of no special interests" schwarzeneger refuses to return the money that he received for his California Campaigns from the Ohio Coin Stealer, er, Dealer State Invesor tom noe and his lovely co-conspirator wife bernadette. $10,000 simolians from some dude from Ohio for California campaigns.

Maybe we should call that Special Dis-interest money, right?

Then there's this gem from the AP and cnn, "There's tremendous opportunity here because of the governor and his leadership, and because of President Bush and his leadership," [ken m]ehlman said in a recent interview.

Well, last I heard, these two both had similar popularity numbers, low 40's, which hardly strikes me as "popular."

Lastly, this AP piece gives us the shocking news that not only does schwarzenkopf love the special interest money, he rewards the special interests. B-b-b-b-but I thought he said he wouldn't do that?

The Los Angeles Times on Sunday reported that major donors are invited twice a month to participate in conference calls featuring information about the governor's campaign strategy. In turn, donors who dial in can give the governor or his advisers advice. [snip]

In the half-hour call, Schwarzenegger media strategist Don Sipple outlined a plan to create a "phenomenon of anger" to turn voters against public employee unions that have been among the governor's harshest critics.

The fact that schwarzwhatever disgusts me should come as no surprise. The fact that Ohio, as Joe in DC from AMERICAblog keeps telling us, is a cesspool of republican corruption should come as no surprise. What's the connection, besides slime and all that?

In that AP article trolling for gop support in California, there is this bit:

"Bush lost the state by 10 points to Democrat John Kerry last November, and Schwarzenegger is engaged in a bruising battle with teachers, nurses and other Democrat-leaning interest groups over government reform measures he's proposed"

What's missing from that opposition list?

I repeat:

"bruising battle with teachers, nurses and other Democrat-leaning interest groups"

What's missing is mention of the actual DEMOCRATIC PARTY in that listing. Sure, it's AP paid propaganda no doubt, after all, cnn is carrying it, as well as the San Diego U-T. But in Ohio, the Democrats are all over Coingate.

So I have to wonder, California Dems, given that arnold has refused to give back money from the Ohio gop operative crook tom noe, and given that arnold is essentially selling access to special interests, what are you going to do about it?

You caved on the recall because you refused to fight, choosing to placate and justify and hand wring, putting up a compromise flag bearer who got trounced, and gave the goppers inroads.

Do you like going along with arnold to get along? Just like the National Democratic Party, and with equally disastrous results? Could that be it?

For instance, we have a Republican Secretary of State? Explain how this could be. Shouldn't a Democrat have replace Steve Westly? Or were you to scared to even propose such a thing? Are you afraid to fight arnold, scared of being called girly men? Is that it?

Maybe this i this just a clever ploy by the Democrats to suck bushco into California again, something that you all will just laugh off and pooh pooh without consideration of whether it's possible or not, and even if it's remotely possible, without a plan of action should itcome to pass?

I want to think we're doing the right thing, doing what we can to combat the evil that has taken over the GOP at all, ALL, levels, but given the track record, somedays it's hard to sustain that belief.

Especially knowing that the only way we're going to win is to confront these evil bastards, and fight them. They have a glimmer of hope, AP propaganda or not, but, the fact remains, since you failed so spectacularly during the recall, this is the fruit of that failure.

As the perception shifts, even though arnold stinks as a governor, perception doesn't care. Look at this article as the first salvo in a campaign to make those lies come true, in a manner of speaking. We?re going to vote electronically this November, aren?t we, so what results do you think we?ll get, real results, or what they want, seeing as how they control the machines, the software, and the Secretary of State. Just like in Ohio.

This notion needs to be crushed, crushed now, stomped on, and stakes driven thru it, now, not later, not in November at the ballot box.

That's the question for California Democrats. Don't give me they all stink, they're all corrupt, they're all the same, blah blah blah.

What are you going to do about it, that's the question. The time for compromise is over, the time for inter party disputes is over, Joe Biden, god damn it. Now is the time for action, for opposition, for partisan party warfare like these dirtbags can only imagine. That's what time it is.

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