Tuesday :: Jun 7, 2005

This is Our Country

by paradox

Specialist Carrie L. French, 19, attached to the Army’s National Guard 145th Support Battalion, died in Iraq last Sunday when her convoy was hit with a roadside bomb.

The United States is not lines on a map, great mountains rising from the plains, huge cities pulsing with technology and commerce, or a 220 year-old document. These are temporary physical elements that are easy to mentally grasp, but they do not make up our country. Our country is built, sustained and exists because of the humans who make up its citizenry.

Carrie French didn’t die defending the Unites States from any threat. Nothing. She was sent to Iraq for nothing but lies, billions of our money has been stolen and looted, tens of thousands of Iraqis have died, 20,000 of our own horribly wounded, 1677 dead, all for a killing chaos that grows worse every day. The Unites States is in total international disgrace, our allies horrified and our enemies ecstatic.

All this has been said a thousand times and it may indeed be preaching to the choir at The Left Coaster. It still will be said yet again, for our men and women keep dying horribly for nothing and our vice president recently went on television and mouthed the most complete fantasies about how Iraqi insurgents were “in the last throes” and that “this was absolutely the right thing to do.”

Out of 300 millions souls the loss of 1 may seem totally insignificant, but make no mistake, we’re killing our country. If we cannot accurately assess threats, be honest with ourselves and other countries, abide by the law and then kill our children because of it—and continue to do so in total denial—we will not exist in 50 years. Carrie French is our country. She’s dead.

“Her sacrifice brings home ever so clearly the fact that freedom is never free.” The lying bastard who said this about Carrie is Larry Lafrenz, a major general, who knows damn well there is no threat to any of us from Iraq and that Carrie died for nothing, a supreme waste and horrifying sin for an allegedly “Christian” country.

How many countries and cultures have gone before us, only to fail and completely vanish from history and all human consciousness? Thousands. This is precisely how it happens: a highly ranked and “educated” class of the society lies to itself and others, commits horrible evil, and kills its children in pursuit of it. Bam, a mere forty years later and another human society bites the dust. What a surprise.

The Left Coaster extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Carrie L. French. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we hope that someday peace will fully be in your souls whenever you remember and miss Carrie.

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