Tuesday :: Jun 7, 2005

A Quarter-Million To Bush Nets Big Tobacco $120 Billion

by Steve

Well, all those campaign contributions taken by Bush/Cheney (nearly $260,000 in 2000 and 2004) and the GOP from the tobacco industry over the years finally bought a $120 billion payday for Big Tobacco when the Alberto Gonzales Justice Department shocked the industry and anti-smoking advocates alike today by scuttling the governmentís own litigation.

It's just another outrage from these whores at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who claim to be concerned about children's health. Itís almost as if they know theyíre getting their asses handed to them next year and have decided to hand out as many goodies to their corporate check writers as they can between now and the 2006 midterms.

This will be just another campaign issue the Democrats can ram down the GOPís throats next year, in an appeal to all the moms. Bush tosses another vulnerable population and public health concern overboard to please Corporate America.

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