Wednesday :: Jun 8, 2005

Why Is The White House Stonewalling GOP Senators On Boeing Air Tanker Lease Deal?

by Steve

You know it's bad when even GOP senators want to know why the White House is hiding information from Congress on what John Warner called "the most significant defense procurement mismanagement in contemporary history." Both Warner and John McCain, as well as Carl Levin want to know why the White House is sending redacted emails and other materials to the Senate commitee investigating a $30 billion sweetheart leasing deal with Boeing, a deal so riddled with conflicts of interest and questionable defense procurement practices that a Pentagon acquisition employee and a senior Boeing executive are doing prison time.

The Pentagon's Inspector General testified yesterday that although Rummy and Paul Wolfowitz were interviewed about their role in this, he saw no need to include their interviews in the report. And the emails to and from the White House on the matter were redacted from the material given to the Senate in order to hide the names of the White House staffers involved in the deal.

Yes, I know that it's pretty pathetic that John Warner gets more exorcised over this than he does about investigating Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. But once the GOP senators become convinced that the White House is truly stonewalling them on this, let's see what else is affected.

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