Wednesday :: Jun 8, 2005

Yes Men Strike -- But Twice?

by larre

The Yes Men are at it again:

"This is about supporting the Pentagon's positive approach to global warming, rather than the Democrats' negative one. See, global warming could lead to a new ice age, which would freeze over Europe, turn China into a desert, sink Japan under rising water levels. That's bad for them — but they're our competitors! America would emerge relatively okay, and at a big economic advantage. So global warming is on our side. Plus, if something really bad happens, we can always spew more greenhouse gases into the air, and heat the world up even more."
Citizen: "This supports Bush, right?"
Us: "Well, yes, this is about his administration's approach to global warming—freezing Europe, sinking Japan..."
Citizen: "Where do I sign?"
Us: "Um, here..."
We make our explanation as brutal as we can, but people keep signing, even with a video camera shooting the whole thing.
So, tell me. Could this guy be one of them, too?

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