Wednesday :: Jun 8, 2005

Janice Rogers Brown Confirmed By Senate

by Steve

Janice Rogers Brown was just confirmed to the powerful DC Court of Appeals by the US Senate on a 56-43 vote, nearly identical to the vote that confirmed Priscilla Owen in May after the nuclear option agreement among Senate moderates.

As I said when Owen was confirmed, although it was distasteful to see such extremist nominees get lifetime jobs at the DCA level, there was no way that Bush and the American Taliban weren’t going to get Owen, Brown, and Pryor confirmed anyway. The key still remains what happens with the other four of Bush’s deplorable nominees, as well as when he wants to shift the balance on the Supreme Court.

Ben Nelson of Nebraska was the only Democrat to vote for Brown. No Republican voted against her, and Jim Jeffords did not vote. I’m sure that Nelson and Reid knew that they weren’t going to pull any GOP votes on this one, so Nelson was given a pass to vote for her given his 2006 re-election campaign.

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