Thursday :: Jun 9, 2005

A Gaggle of Losers, Part II

by eriposte

This Washington Times article collects the comments of some of the Democrats (Nelson, Lieberman, Biden, etc.) who publicly expressed unhappiness with Gov. Howard Dean's remarks. I hope these Democrats feel satisfied by the irony of an organ of right-wing fraud being the medium for their fake moralizing attack on Gov. Dean. (This article mentions an additional Obama quote criticizing Dean).

Sen. Barack Obama, a man who voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice - who lied before the 9/11 Commission and lied again and again to defend her incompetence and drive to take America to a ruinous, self-destructive war in Iraq under fabricated and false pretenses - is now criticizing Dean with these words:

As somebody who is a Christian myself, I don't like it when people use religion to divide...

We are at a time in our country's history that inclusive language is better than exclusive language...

Sen. Obama, you are standing in judgment of Gov. Dean saying something that was largely accurate (see this as well) but mildly exaggerated, when you are guilty of doing something far worse - endorsing and supporting an individual who said unconscionable lies, an individual who did all she could to ensure that she never paid for the consequences of her lies. By supporting her, you condoned and endorsed, without remorse, deeply immoral behavior of a nature that was infinitely worse than what Gov. Dean has ever done.

And you want to call yourself a Christian?? Please. Enough with this sanctimonious B.S.

Let me applaud Sen. Chuck Schumer, who had more brains than the bunch of his sanctimonious colleagues put together:

Not all Democrats are running from their party's chairman. Sen. Charles E. Schumer of New York, the head of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, said he thinks "it's great" that Mr. Dean is visiting Capitol Hill today and supports the chairman's attacks.

"The Republican attack machine goes after anybody, and they've said far worse things about many, many of our people," Mr. Schumer said, adding that Mr. Dean has "worked great with the DSCC" and expects his Senate colleagues to be "supportive" of him during the meeting.

In 2004, Arianna Huffington said: "When your house is on fire, it's not the best time to talk about remodeling".

Her quote is apt when we see the behavior of weak-kneed Democratic hypocrites extraordinaire - the Gaggle of Losers - who moralize over trivia in their own party, when the country has (figuratively) been set on fire and their own party's future has been set on fire by pathological Republican leaders and their enablers in the Democratic party (which includes them). As Dean is trying put out the fires in the country and in the house of the Democratic party, his supposed brothers-in-arms (Obama, Lieberman, Nelson, et al.) are complaining that he's not appropriately dressed to be a firefighter, while the arsonists are laughing all the way to the bank. That is what these people have reduced themselves to. What an utter disgrace!

UPDATE: Dave has collected some other blogosphere commentary on this (Atrios, The Agonist, and Liberal Oasis) and he has some pertinent things to say as well.

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