Friday :: Jun 10, 2005

Nuclear Option Deal May Still Provide Interesting Results

by Steve

Those of you unhappy about the nuclear option deal and wanting to see the filibuster fight resume so that Democrats can show the GOP once and for all as being out of control and arrogant with power should read this piece in today’s Los Angeles Times. First, it appears that there may not be blanket GOP support for confirming the remaining four Bush appeals court nominees, especially among the fourteen moderates who cut the nuclear option deal. Secondly, Bill Frist and the Senate GOP leadership may still overplay their hand and move to eliminate the filibuster when a Supreme Court nomination comes forward. Polls show that this move would backfire on the GOP, so Democrats opposed to the nuclear option deal may get another chance to see the outcome they wanted in the first place while Harry Reid was able to establish that Senate Democrats tried to play this fair and by the agreement.

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