Friday :: Jun 10, 2005


by eriposte

There is really no other word to describe the action of Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and other GOPers (Robert Tracci) who participated in this travesty - showing their utter contempt for free speech and democracy.

BradBlog probably has the most detailed coverage + links on this, including comments from a Democratic staffer.

Do take a look and convey your outrage to your local media outlet and to your Congressperson/Senator. Brad has provided the following handy information as well:

Chairman Sensenbrenner
PHONE: 1-800-247-2971

Majority Counsel & Sound Engineer, Robert Tracci

We might also suggest you contact the media on this wherever you can. There's video available. They like that!

Rep. Sensenbrenner should resign immediately.

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