Friday :: Jun 10, 2005

Latest GOP-Leaning Gallup Poll Has Bush Disapproval Up To 49%, Disapproval Of GOP-Led Congress At 59%

by Steve

Gallup released its most recent survey late today, taken through Wednesday of over a thousand respondents. Bush clocked in with a 47% approval rating, but a 49% disapproval rating. This survey was taken at the same time as the AP/Ipsos poll I posted on earlier today, wherein Bush clocked in with only a 43% approval rating and a whopping 55% disapproval rating. Those numbers in the AP/Ipsos poll came from a sample that had a 10-point advantage for Democrats and Democratic leaners in self-identification, so perhaps a 55% disapproval rating is not surprising. So this Gallup poll, having a 49% Bush disapproval rating perhaps should not be surprising either, as well as a whopping 59% disapproval rating of Congress. Except for one thing:

Today’s Gallup poll with such bad numbers for Congress and such tipping-point numbers for Bush had a sample that had more Republicans in it (33.2%) than Democrats (31%), with 34% Independents. And this independent-heavy and GOP-leaning sample still trashed the Congress and almost pushed Bush over the 50% disapproval line.

Did I mention that Congress has been in GOP hands for a while now?

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