Tuesday :: Jun 14, 2005

No Respect For Arnold

by pessimist

Arnold Schwarzenegger must be wondering what he has to do to regain the respect he once had. On the day he announces his proposal to put the State of California into the malliable hands of the public, Michael Jackson has the NERVE to be found innocent of all charges and steal his thunder. What's a de-Term-inator to do?

Instead of being the big news story with his oh-so-brief yet widely-hyped comment, Arnold became merely the interruption of the nearly uninterrupted TV coverage of the celebration of Jackson's fans as they heard the news.

The San Francisco Chronicle agrees:

Schwarzenegger's planned, live televised announcement of the special election -- intended to hijack 5 o'clock newscasts statewide -- lost star billing Monday when pop star Michael Jackson was acquitted of molestation charges just hours before. In the Bay Area, on at least two stations, Jackson won higher billing -- and in entertainment-obsessed Southern California, it was even more difficult for the governor to trump the celebrity.

KABC, the LA local ABC affilliate, spent at least 15 actual news minutes on Jackson coverage, filling out the half-hour I watched with a quick weather report, a brief piece on the local college baseball teams losing their chances for trips to the Collegiate World Series, and a few commercials.

It isn't much better for Arnold on the Internet news sources either. Google's news page listed 370 articles on Arnold's attempted hijacking and 45,700 for Michael Jackson.

No Respect! It makes you wonder if the late Rodney Dangerfield isn't channelling through Arnold or something!

Der Governator's brief statement smells like a campaign commercial, replete with sound bites and simplistic statements that are intended to be hammered into the heads of the people so that they will do as they are told to do - surrender all control of their state to the will of one man and the Red Party he represents.

Resistance if futile! You will be assimilated!

Remember when some of us were kids before the Age of Reagan Dinosaurs, and being bombarded with "Better Dead Than Red" messages? Maybe we should bring them back in a modified form: "Better Deadlock Than Red Lock (on power)".

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