Wednesday :: Jun 15, 2005

The Saudi Trifecta: Production Increases, Price Increases, And More Jihadists

by Steve

(Photo courtesy of the AP and the Christian Science Monitor)

Look at what George and his sweet-loving of his Saudi paymasters has achieved for us: after a hand-in-hand encounter with his friends in late April, OPEC pumps more crude, yet the prices are still going up. My, my, the sacrifices that the man makes for the rest of us.

Maybe now that George has so successfully dealt with our oil crisis this summer, he can have another walk in the park with his Saudi date and ask the Prince when the fuck the Saudis are going to stop bankrolling and sending their boys to kill Americans in Iraq?

But that may require more than just a hand-in-hand walk, right W? Maybe kneepads and Jeff Gannon are needed on this one?

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