Wednesday :: Jun 15, 2005

Afternoon Quick Hits

by Steve

Here’s some afternoon short hits for you to chew on:

First, note several surprising developments in the media. The people who made Rush Limbaugh a national entertainer have noted the huge upside in liberal radio. Two former radio executives have bought the syndication rights to the Ed Schultz radio show and plan to make Schultz the next big thing.

Second, Howie Kurtz of all people writes a somewhat sympathetic piece today about the backlash against the media from the left.

Third, if you want something to read and chew on this afternoon, read this piece in the New York Observer and ask yourself if there is in fact a shrewd bit of bottom-line calculating going on between Rupert Murdoch and the Clintons. And if you want some proof that there may be something going on, check out the negative assessment Dick Morris of all people pinned on the anti-Hillary smear bio.

And the next time a Fox News reporter tries to dominate a Howard Dean news event and then gets sanctimonious with a real reporter who calls him on it, he shouldn’t show up the next week at a Bush fundraiser interviewing porn stars who are also attending the fundraiser, and then wonder why real reporters may one day consider him to be another Jeff Gannon.

Downing Street Memo Update

As for the Downing Street Memos, and the hearing that John Conyers had planned to convene tomorrow, petty-ass GOP committee chairman James “Frequent Flyer” Sensenbrenner banned Conyers from having the hearing in the House committee rooms. This afternoon, Conyers was able after all to get a Capitol hearing room for tomorrow’s event, and even an overflow room. Maybe petty-ass Sensenbrenner can now go catch another overseas flight somewhere. Maybe he can even read the Los Angeles Times while he is on the plane.

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