Wednesday :: Jun 15, 2005

His Agenda Crashing, Bush Blames Obstructionist Democrats

by Steve

When your second-term domestic agenda has tanked eighteen months before the midterm elections, and your party is not only expressing doubts about your leadership but also spending its time on unpopular red-meat meaningless issues for the base, what should you do?

Well, of course, there are two immediate answers:

1. Blame your problems on an obstructionist Democratic congress.

2. Cook up another war.

And did I mention that the public thinks his agenda sucks anyway?

Bush and Rove have decided the best way to recover from the collapse of the premier issue in their second term agenda is to go on the attack against the do-nothing Democrats in Congress, even though:

1. Polls have shown that the public wants the Democrats to oppose Bush rather than rubber stamp his agenda;

2. It is the Republicans who control Congress, and not the obstructionist Democrats.

If Bush really thinks that the Democrats haven't been part of the debate in Congress and are not offering solutions, then I suggest he take the matter up with Denny Hastert and Tom DeLay, who have shut out the Democrats from any role in the business of the chamber for a while now. Given the GOP's own behavior to marginalize Democrats, and the polls showing that voters want the Democrats to play more of a role in opposing Bush, it may not be wise for Bush and Rove to use this line of attack because it will give Democrats the opportunity to point out how the GOP majority has made it this way.

And that will be just another good argument for the Democrats to make in the 2006 midterms.

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