Thursday :: Jun 16, 2005

Bobo Gets Something Right

by dj moonbat

I am not exactly the world's biggest David Brooks fan. The man writing is fatuous even when he's not trying to obscure the political issues he's covering. Every once in a while, though, he has a cultural insight that was worth having. I guess even a broken cultural critic is right twice a decade.

One of those times is today. His column wondering "whatever happened to middlebrow culture" is an even-handed, level-headed look back at the cultural aspirations of the American middle class, and the social forces that degraded those aspirations. Naturally, he leaves out some of the economic factors that I think are critical in explaining the transition, but I can't fault the man for not writing it how I would have written it.

So go check it out. Maybe some day you'll be able to blow some right-winger's mind by magnanimously admitting that Brooks isn't all bad.

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