Friday :: Jun 17, 2005

More troubles for the Duke-Stir

by Duckman GR

Just wanted to share more troubles for randy cunningham, complete with pictures. But first I wanted to share these letters from Tuesday's UT. A whole page full of letters. [ed-my bolds]

?If Cunningham, R-Rancho Santa Fe, really believes he has done everything "above board," then he should welcome a complete investigation into this matter...

Major, USAF Ret.

?Also, I would like a busy real estate agent from a prestigious agency to handle the whole deal and not ask for a commission. I don't think that is an unreasonable request.

If questioned about this arrangement I will state unequivocally that I have never smoked marijuana and that I am a very good person.


I have always been curious why politicians don't tell us lay people how we can manage to parlay relatively small salaries and wealth into huge holdings like they do.

Today, ...Cunningham let the cat out of the bag on how he has managed to parlay a retired Lt. Cmdr's pay into a $2.55 million residence.


Okay enough fun. Today's paper reports the FBI is looking into the deal, and they have some pictures and figures for comparisons of the homes, and some choice quotes. Look at the pictures. Pictures are good. Pictures speak volumes.

Cunningham denied that he is a particularly good friend of MZM owner Mitchell Wade, saying last week, "No more than I am with (Qualcomm founder) Irwin Jacobs or (Titan Corp. founder) Gene Ray or any of the other CEOs."

However, [he] has been living aboard a 42-foot yacht at the Capital Yacht Club along the ... Potomac River. Wade owns the yacht, named the Duke-Stir, according to U.S. Coast Guard records. The name appears to be a play on Cunningham's nickname.

Oh, and about that Yacht Club (and I refer you back to the question from Mr. Peck above) that randy lives at.

In 1998, when Cunningham was living aboard the Kelly C, he used his position on the defense appropriations subcommittee, which oversees the District of Columbia's budget, to earmark $3 million to refurbish the waterfront where the yacht was docked. (more below)

Shortly after Congress approved the funding, Cunningham told Copley News Service he was fulfilling his duties as a member of the subcommittee.

It was not, he said then, because the beautification project would benefit an area he calls home .... It was, he said, because then-Speaker Newt Gingrich "said he wants to make D.C. a shining city, and so I said, 'OK, . . . I want to clean up the waterfront' . . . not for Duke Cunningham," he added. "I haven't got a nickel invested."

Who said anything about an investment, randy?

You see what we have here, on a canvas writ oh so very small, a perfect representation of how the gop views government service. No second thought to propriety. No consideration of appearances, well, except for the appearance of your home of course. Just business business business as usual.

Yeah, randy paid his dues in 'Nam. Yeah yeah, he's an effing hero. But with hero status comes certain expectations. It's not a free pass for the rest of your life, (and no matter what happens, the taxpayer's will be footing his bill for the rest of his life) but an example of a certain consistency of behavior if you're to remain in the public troug, er, eye. Spider Man doesn't take the day off to be a complete money grubbing cheney, now does he? Nor do people like George McGovern or Jimmy Carter suddenly stop working to help people and make a better place of our world.

That sort of behavior is reserved for the gop, it would seem. cunningham's been doing this for a while, he's just now getting caught. I look forward to his replacement by Francine Busby (D) soon.

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