Saturday :: Jun 18, 2005

Neil Cavuto, if we are "hit again" you will be partly responsible

by eriposte

Newshounds has a post on the ultra-egregious and anti-American Neil Cavuto, where Cavuto lies through his teeth (as usual) while suggesting to Rep. Bernie Sanders the following, in the context of Sanders' support for repealing the 'library' provision in the Orwellian Patriot Act (*see UPDATE at the bottom for a clarification):

Are you concerned though, Congressman, that if there is another attack on this country, you might have, with the best of intentions, contributed?

Look. Let's be frank. Clearly, terrorists are the only ones to blame for terrorist attacks. That said, if we are "hit again", people like Neil Cavuto will be partly responsible for making it easier for terrorists to attack us because they have done far more than anyone else in aiding and abetting the lies and cover-up from the Bush administration on how they slept at the wheel prior to 9/11, ignoring Al Qaeda and terrorism despite repeated, myriad warnings. He will be partly responsible because he gladly continues the cover-up for a President who took an extra long vacation and continued to de-emphasize the need to focus on terrorism (and focus instead on Iraq and missile defense) despite knowing fully well how serious the threat of a major terrorist attack was prior to 9/11. Cavuto and his ilk would be partly responsible because they participate in the Bush administration cover-up of the diversion of resources away from the fight against Al Qaeda (in Afghanistan and elsewhere) to fight an unjustified war in Iraq, on false pretenses, while dramatically increasing the risk of terrorism.

Now Cavuto may want his sheep to believe that getting rid of a 'library' provision in the Patriot Act(*) is more deadly than:

  • sleeping at the wheel
  • ignoring the real threat of terrorism
  • underfunding key aspects of homeland security
  • diverting America's resources and military might away from the real terrorist threat to focus on an enemy who posed no immediate or imminent threat
  • tacitly or directly authorizing torture (which aids and abets the enemy) and
  • increasing the risk and magnitude of anti-American terrorism dramatically in the process

But people who have a semblance of brains and patriotism know that Cavuto's brown-shirting for the Bush administration, by intentionally keeping Americans misinformed (despite being a "media" person) in order to keep Americans ignorant about the real reasons why another attack might be possible - will be one of the contributing causes for our enemy to feel comforted that they can "hit us again". As I said, terrorists are the only ones to blame for terrorist attacks. But, Cavuto and his ilk are partly responsible for allowing the conditions that make it easier for terrorists to attack us again. Not people who oppose the most egregious provisions of the Patriot Act.

Mr. Cavuto (or for that matter Rush Limbaugh), who swims in false patriotism, has more than deserved this quote from Samuel Johnson:

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

A scoundrel with a show at Fox News? It's like bees and honey.

*UPDATE: I re-read the partial transcript at Newshounds and it is a bit confusing in that -- it is possible that Cavuto may not have been referring only to the "library" provision but also to the sneak-and-peek provision. Whether or not this is the case, it doesn't change the substance of my post. These small changes to the Patriot Act - regardless of their merits - have far less impact on America's safety or lack thereof than the kind of gross incompetence and lying I mention in my post.

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