Sunday :: Jun 19, 2005

2006: The Election to Impeach Bush

by paradox

Reading Billmon this afternoon—I knew that not even Father’s Day could keep he or I away from the keyboard when Condi commits our children’s generation to further death and mayhem (in Iraq, or Iran, or Syria, or wherever the hell these bloodthirsty freaks dream of inflicting war crimes) one of his sentences struck me: there are 1,211 days left for Bush’s term. The next Congress will be sworn in approximately 600 days. In 630 days the House could impeach Bush—the war felon could be gone and well on his way to being chained only two years from now.

After some consideration I’ve joined the growing chorus to impeach Bush now. I frankly do not care how ludicrous the charge seems with a Republican House and corporate media; the observation that this will seem petty payback for Clinton leaves me unmoved, and I’m unconvinced any political energy or capital expended this year is wasted. Immediate impeachment is the only correct and moral stance this Democrat can take.

I do think the inevitable thwarting of any impeachment efforts this year will only ratchet up a growing roar of discontent and anger at Bush, which the Democratic Party would be absolute fools to ignore in their House strategy. Lord, we’re only 17 House members short of impeaching Bush! How is this not a blazing opportunity to tap resentment and rejection of this insane, illegal, lying murdering war?

A Kos diary ran up the Chinook ladder of leaping entries over there to flop in the nirvana spawning of the recommended list just as I started this, calling for Bush’s impeachment now. A commenter said waiting for 2006 is lame and I agree, if that means just sitting there now and thinking The Election to Impeach Bush is next year.

That election is now. If Pelosi and the rest of the leadership make the specific call to impeach Bush with a House win now the base will respond in ways they cannot imagine.

A base PAC fund targeted at the blogosphere could bring in at least $20 million dollars to critical House races—money completely free of filthy corporate strings. As quickly as possible the DNC issues software and blog tools to challengers, gives out server space, and hopefully has a talent base of remote coders that challengers could draw upon.

There’s a challenger up in Pombo’s district I like. Many of y’all have patiently read through my rants of that foul, foul man, The Marlboro Man, Bush has nicknamed him. After redistricting in 2000 his district, incredibly, jumped the Line of Hick (Central Valley) right into Pleasanton and the Livermore Valley, the place of my upbringing. Every time I think of the valley represented by Pombo I want to throw up.

About once a month I dream of cashing in my disaster recovery plan (a year’s salary), code for a challenger for 18 months and then decide if I really want to move to DC, go back to contracting or find another candidate. The only reason I never do it is the alleged stability of my corporate paycheck—I’m not abdicating my family duty lightly for a Democratic party that has over 20 members vote for the bankruptcy bill.

But if I knew a House win would impeach Bush the first item of duty I would very likely become the citizen I should be and hook up with the best House challenger who would take me (I’m a web producer). If the Democratic leadership got real and did what was necessary to rally the base and win by calling for Bush’s impeachment, I’d be there.

So would the rest of the party and the country. We really can impeach Bush if we just stop sitting here saying and doing nothing for 2006.

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