Monday :: Jun 20, 2005

War on Terra' Update: FBI Doesn't Want Experts, And Goss Knows Where OBL Is (Seriously!)

by Steve

So you would think that in the post-9/11, war-on-terra’ George W. Bush FBI, they would want to hire people who know something about terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, and how they operate, wouldn't you?

And you would be wrong. George W. Bush’s FBI doesn’t value terrorism subject matter expertise, according to the testimony of the bureau’s own senior staff. It values leaders who know how to investigate crime.

It now has been nearly four years since 9/11, and we have had numerous commissions wherein it has been pointed out that the FBI doesn’t have the right expertise to fight terrorism. When Bush wanted to deride Kerry last year about Kerry’s alleged approach to fighting terrorism, the GOP attack machine said that it was naive and dangerous for anyone to think that fighting terrorists was akin to a typical criminal investigation. Yet this case at the FBI proves that while Bush and Cheney were trashing Kerry for allegedly having the wrong mindset for a war on terra’, his own FBI still operates in that same mindset nearly four years later. Of course, it also doesn't help that the FBI shredded mounds of whatever evidence it did get from the Saudis after 9/11, and ran its Riyadh office with some interesting staff.

But rest assured sheeple: Porter Goss says he knows where Osama Bin Laden is. And why doesn’t Goss go get him?

(Coffee spewing over keyboard warning)

Because of the Bush Administration’s respect for sovereign nations.

OK, now grab the paper towels to clean up the mess, and stop laughing.

Since we already allegedly control Afghanistan, Goss’s successful attempt at stand-up comedy indicates that the Bush Administration feels Osama is either in Pakistan (our best friend in the war on terra’), or in Iran. Aside from the fact that Porter Goss has no idea where Osama is, either he is saying that Musharraf is hiding him, or he is signaling that the Bush Administration will use Osama as a pressure point prelude to military action against Iran, in time for the 2006 midterms no doubt. In either case, it reflects a bankruptcy of the Bush Administration’s approach to fighting terror, just as much as the FBI's hiring practices nearly four years after 9/11.

Update: Atrios shows you the Bush Administration hypocrisy behind this new concern for sovereign nations when going after terrorists.

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