Monday :: Jun 20, 2005

Why Were Three Pakistanis Trying to Assassinate Our Incoming Iraqi Ambassador?

by Steve

Three Pakistanis, with way too much knowledge about the whereabouts of our current US ambassador to Afghanistan, and incoming ambassador to Iraq Zalmay (Unocal) Khalilzad were prevented by Afghan security of trying to assassinate Khalilzad yesterday. Given the long history of Pakistan’s ISI supporting Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, the Afghan security forces are right to be pissed at Pervez Musharraf for his failure to tighten the border between the two countries. That of course assumes that 1) these three would have been stopped by Musharraf’s forces if they came across that border; and 2) they came across the Pakistani border at all.

It seems our military is staying quiet on the issue of blaming Musharraf outright, but don’t be surprised if the talk begins that these guys came over from Iran. Such a story serves so many purposes right about now.

Let's see; get Bolton installed quickly at the UN to ramp up rhetoric-pending.

Demonstrate that political assassinations can be used effectively (Syria) to ramp up the rhetoric and pressure regimes in the region-check.

Plant the seed that Iran has tried to assassinate US officials already-imminent.

See an assassination take place in the coming months-hopefully not but we'll see.

Blame that assassination on Iran when in fact it was staged by our friend Musharraf-possible.

Use that assassination as a pretext for military action next year-possible.

I mean, it's not like the Administration can effectively spur regime change through Bush's stupid comments of late, right?

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