Monday :: Jun 20, 2005

Thimerosal (Mercury) and Autism

by eriposte

Last week published a gripping article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (which is apparently based on a joint investigation by Salon and Rolling Stone) on the issue of thimerosal in vaccines and its link to autism in children. This article appeared around the same time that The Huffington Post claimed that ABC was going to kill an interview with Kennedy on this topic under pressure from top executives (disputed by ABC). The introduction to the article reveals the thrust of it:

When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data -- and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.

Now, anytime I see an interesting article on autism I usually go to Dwight Meredith's website to see if he has covered it, since Dwight has an autistic son (Bobby) whom he has often written about to provide readers the perspective they need to understand what autism is all about. Sure enough, Dwight, has commented on Kennedy's article at some length; he's actually done more than that - so I urge you to go read it (and also see the comments to the post challenging some of Kennedy's conclusions).

Dwight himself is unaware of this, but his (earlier) blog was the very first blog I ever saw on the internet (Politics, Law and Autism) and a partial motivation for me to become a blogger. Another thing that he likely doesn't know is that his blog was the very first one that linked to my fledgling website back in 2002. I've read Dwight's superlative writings since late 2002 and they've always convinced me that he is a reasoned thinker and a person of superior integrity. So, I was naturally saddened upon reading that his son was autistic. More than anyone I know, Dwight has been a keen examiner of autism research and news and I keep hoping that some day there will be good news that would help Bobby (and Dwight's family) to find ways to reduce the pain and challenges associated with autism.

Of course, that day is not here yet. But Kennedy's article may be a small light illuminating the long and dark tunnel of autism - and will hopefully provide the impetus required to bring to the forefront some dark, disturbing facts that Americans need to know.

In a sense, Kennedy's article is less about autism or Big Pharma than it is about a fundamental issue that every American, regardless of ideological or political affiliations, should be striving to fight for.

Holding your Government accountable to those they are supposed to serve: Everyday Americans.

Let me recommend to you Kennedy's article. I plan to cover parts of it in more detail in due course. This issue is too important.

P.S. I particularly invite parents with autistic children to post your comments here and circulate this information. Your perspective (and that of other parents you may know, who have autistic children) would be appreciated.

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