Tuesday :: Jun 21, 2005

Gallup Says Opposition To Iraq War Up 12 Points Since March

by Steve

(thanks to Gallup for the graphic)

Gallup’s latest poll for CNN and the USAT shows Bush stuck at a 47% approval rating. But that isn't the biggest story in this poll. What's noteworthy is the following:

·Bush’s disapproval rating has now climbed to 51%, which ties its highest number ever in a Gallup poll;

·Only 23% of those polled had a “great deal” of confidence in the Bush Administration’s ability to protect the country from another terrorist attack, thereby shaking to the core the “daddy protector” image that Bush had built his reelection upon;

·59% now oppose the Iraq war, the highest number Gallup has ever recorded, which is up 12 points just since March;

But there is another interesting finding in the poll: GOP support for the war has fallen 11 points since March.

This poll sample contained the following party ID breakdown:

GOP 33.0%
Ind 31.1%
Dem 34.2%

Short of ramping up towards another war, with either Iran or Syria as Condi’s comments seemed to indicate yesterday, and with W refusing to endorse Cheney’s assessment that the insurgency was in its “last throes”, and with Democrats adopting a strategy we called for months ago to target specific House GOP members to kill his Social Security plan, it may be a long summer for Bush, but a dangerous one for the rest of us, with $60/barrel oil.

And that’s before we find out who was helping Saddam all those years. Why does the White House not want Saddam to go on trial any time soon?

What kind of slippery slope does Bush find himself in when he loses 11 points of support from his base and sees opposition to the war jump 12 points in just three momths?

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