Tuesday :: Jun 21, 2005

Is Bush Forcing A Nuclear Option On Bolton?

by Steve

After bitchslapping Bill Frist today at the White House, it was announced that Frist will keep trying to get an up or down vote on John Bolton's nomination as ambassador to the UN. It had been reported previously that Frist wasn't going to schedule another vote after only getting 54 votes for cloture yesterday. But the White House has now ordered Frist to keep trying, while at the same time refusing to agree to the information requests of Democrats and even some Republicans.

If having someone at the UN is so important to the GOP, then Bill Frist and the weak-kneed senators in his caucus who talk a good game and then wet their pants like John McCain and Lindsey Graham should tell the White House to stop obstructing the requests for information that have been out there for a month. Yet the White House wants:

1) A vote, even a losing one, to energize the American Taliban again;

2) To never capitulate on an "imperial presidency" issue;

3) To never reveal what is in those NSA intercepts; and

4) To force Senate Democrats to filibuster Bolton, assuming he comes to a vote;

5) To never lose.

But that's the problem for Bush. Even if he got the three GOP senators who missed the vote yesterday to vote for Bolton the next time, Bush will still be 3 votes short of cloture, without pulling more Democrats his way, which seems unlikely. So what is going on here?

Is Bush trying to force a nuclear option on Bolton, even if it goes against what the Gang of 14 agreed to, and does he want Bolton so bad that he would push the Senate to this cesspool even before the next Supreme Court nomination comes up next month? And would all of the seven GOP moderates who worked out the nuclear option compromise with the seven Democrats last month vote to eliminate the filibuster for Bolton and then vote for Bolton in a simple majority-wins vote?

This is the sign of a desperate White House, that realizes it is losing the ability to get its nominees through only six months into a second term, and has decided to blow up the Senate in order to get whatever it fervently wants with only a majority vote.

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