Saturday :: Jun 25, 2005

The Multi-Coaster Roundup

by eriposte

Raw Story is trying to raise funds to keep them going, with their excellent work. They are part of the new media - so please donate if you can. Even more ambitious is Independent World Television (IWT) News - which plans to operate without funding "from governments, corporations or commercial advertising." - meaning, they are looking for your support.

Uggabugga links to Fred Barnes' Weekly Standard piece highlighting this statement about Bush, by Barnes:

Crossing the finish line of his presidency with record low popularity may turn out to be a sign of substantive achievement and lasting reform.

Well, I guess that explains why many of Barnes' ilk think/thought Nixon was great. After all Nixon enjoyed the lowest Presidential approval rating in modern history. In that sense I agree with Barnes. I hope Bush targets the Nixon record.

Avedon Carol notes this about serial fraudster Charles Krauthammer:

Krauthammer the Krackpot castigates the Dems for being A Party Without Ideas, unlike the RNC , with their really forward-looking innovations, such as war, poverty, slave wages, male supremacism and racism.

Via Susanhu at Booman Tribune, we have an excellent rule of thumb reiterated by counter-terrorism expert Larry Johnson:

Listen to a neocon prediction and then take the opposite position. You will rarely be wrong.

Via Crooks and Liars, Greg Beato at Wonkette notes that, per Karl Rove's definition, the GOP hates our soldiers very very vehemently:

Today, the Republican National Committee released an ad called "Wild Thing." And guess what? It features Dick Durbin's remarks about detainee treatment at Guantanamo Bay. The same words that are putting our troops in greater danger, and yet the RNC is emailing the ad to "15 million grassroots supporters" and posting it at, where terrorists, Al Jazeera producers, and the liberal saboteurs who want to undermine this great country of ours and put our troops at risk have access to it!

Abu Aardvark quotes from a BBC report that Al Jazeera's and al-Arabiya's coverage of terrorist attacks in Iraq (against innocent civilians) has been far less sympathetic to the perpetrators and more questioning about their motives in recent months. Attackers are commonly and rightly referred to as gunmen or suicide bombers rather than the "resistance". This is a good development because there should be no legitimacy given to terrorism.

Alas a Blog has an excellent series demolishing myths about the wage gap.

Ronald Reagan and "greatest American? Give me a break! Please go vote.

Finally, congratulations to Countess Trish Wilson on her wedding!

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