Monday :: Jun 27, 2005

Closely-Divided Supremes Rule Against Ten Commandments In Courthouses

by Steve

“The Commandments have a proper place in our civil history”
--Antonin Scalia, writing the dissent in support of displaying the Ten Commandments in courthouses

Get ready for the full-throated wailings of the James Dobson army. The Supreme Court, in a vote that was closer than it should have been, just ruled that displays of the Ten Commandments in courthouses goes too far in endorsing religion, and in endorsing one religion over another. But the vote was 5-4, with Sandra Day O’Connor joining the four remaining moderates and liberals on the court in the majority decision. Since there are rumors that O’Connor may be the next justice to retire and not Rehnquist, and since the American Taliban now have fresh evidence of how O’Connor is a threat against America, you can bet that the rhetoric will ramp up once again about how the Senate needs to eliminate the filibuster so that Bush can appoint far right American Taliban endorsees to fill the next several vacancies to the court so that the will of the people is carried out in the highest court in the land.

Update: As Matt suspected, this same court came out just now and ruled that displaying the Ten Commandments in government buildings is OK.

Can someone point out for me where it mentions the Ten Commandments in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution?

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