Monday :: Jun 27, 2005

Cheney Takes A Slap At Hagel Over Iraq

by Steve

Wow, this will be fun. Dick "Last Throes" Cheney, whom a new Washington Post poll says has lost all credibility with the American public about Iraq, has resorted to taking shots at Chuck Hagel.

You know, the same Chuck Hagel who actually served in Vietnam and got shot at, unlike Dick "Five Deferments" Cheney and George "Drunk In Tuscaloosa" Bush.

Get the popcorn kids, this will be fun. If Cheney sees the need to shoot at a fellow Republican over Iraq, it's because the Administration is headed into the dumper by its own making, and the GOP natives are getting restless. Add to that the fact that in that same Post poll, 65% of the Republicans didn't agree with Cheney, and you get the sense that desperation is sinking in at the White House. Thus the need for an exit strategy, even if they will never admit to it or call it that.

And if Hagel is taking fire this early, it points to internal warfare well in advance of the midterms.

The White House thinks they will begin to fix this tomorrow when Bush stands in front of a bunch of soldiers at Fort Bragg (another Stepford crowd) and tells the country that Iraq is the war on terror. That was the slim reed that Bush and Rove used to get reelected last year, but I question whether it will work now, when 1) polls show that respondents now feel that Iraq has made us less safe than before; and 2) it can be shown that even though Iraq was not a haven for terrorists before the war, notwithstanding Bush's lies to the contrary, it is a training ground for terrorists now. All Democrats have to do in response to Bush's speech tomorrow is point to the CIA's own report that shows Bush's bungling has accomplished something that Saddam couldn't: make Iraq into a terrorist threat.

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